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St. Joseph`s Graveyard Aberavon.
Transcribed and edited by Allen Blethyn and John Sparks

Section D.

D1. John O`Sullivan died 14th.Aug.1924. aged 76. years.
Sylvester George O`Sullivan died 25th.May.1920. aged 41. years.
Gerald Hendon O`Sullivan died 24th.Jan.1927. aged 39. years.
Edward Charles O`Sullivan died 28th.Nov.1949. aged 65.years.

D2 Johanna Mahoney died 17.Aug.1893. aged 27.
Cornelius her husband died 8.Sept.1921.aged 53.
And Theresa Probert their daughter died 15.May.1954. aged 66.
Also their daughter Mary Johanna Edwards died 3.July 1960. aged 66.
And her daughter Patricia Johanna Evetts died 14. Oct. 1984. aged 68.

D3. Our Parents.
Catherine Madden 1873-1942.
Timothy Madden 1874-1946.

Our Grand Parents.
Timothy Madden 1827-1892.
Ellen Madden 1827-1921.

D4. Norah wife of Edward Lahive died 23.Oct.1910. aged 56 years.
Above Edward Lahive died 2.May.1915. aged 60. years.
Daughter Frances Ann died 21.Jan.1909. aged 24. years.

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Section A.

Aa. Daniel O`Neill died 22. Oct. 1914. aged 44.
Kathleen daughter of above died 26. Aug. 1944. aged 37.
Ellen O`Neill died 1.Oct. 1974. aged 77.
Christopher Doyle died 19.Dec.1959.aged 17.

Ab. Joseph & Mary Kenure
and their children
Grace. Ernest & Kathleen.
Also their grandchild Mary.
Also their daughter Teresa.

A1. Michael Mcgrath died 8.Nov.1941 aged 50.
Wife Catherine died 13.Oct.1960 aged 67.

A2. James Tobin died 2.Oct. 1940 aged 56.
Wife Mary Margaret Tobin died 8.Feb.1954 aged 66.
William Tobin son died 10.April.1938 aged 23.

A3. Theresa Patricia Seller died 28.Feb.1952 aged 39.

A4. David William Davies died 12.Feb.1983 aged 74.
Wife Octavia died 1.Dec.1989 aged 79.

Ac. Teresa O`Callaghan died 6.June.1954 aged 70.
Daughter Kathleen died 9.Aug.1980 aged 74.
Agnes died 18.June.2001 aged 84.

A5. John Curran died 12.Aug.1913 aged 72.
Margaret wife died 20.April.1925 aged 76.
Paterick son died 17.Sept.1938 aged 58.
Catherine Llewellyn sister in law died 12.Feb.1899 aged 56.

A6. Michael O`Brien died Dec.1896 aged 64.

A7. James Welsh died 11.March.1967 aged 62.
Wife Teresa died 11.April.1996 aged 86.

Ad. Ann McCarthy died 6.Oct.1993 aged 80.
David McCarthy died 26.Aug.1957 aged 12.

A8. Cornelius Curtin
died 17.April.1880 aged 52.

Af. William Greenway d. 17th.Oct. 1963 aged 28.
His mother Agnes Greenway d. 3rd.May. aged 93.
His father William Greenway d. 22nd.Sept.1998 aged 98.

A9. Mary Donovan died 11.Feb.1958. aged 77.
Husband James died 20.July.1961 aged 76..

A10. Kerbed grave no inscription.

A11. Mary Hickey died 19.Jan.1881 aged 22.
Also Michael Hickey died 25.Nov.1881 aged 59?.
Also Elizabeth Hickey died -? Aug.1890 aged 24?.

A12. Patrick & Agnes
John Patrick Couchlin died 7.May 1997 aged 83.
Husband of Helen.

Ag. John son of John and Bridget Kilnan
of Briton Ferry d. 10th.July.1879 aged 19.
Daughter Mary d. 12th.June.1888 aged 23.

A13. Michael Lahive d. 1st.May.1900 aged 40.
Ellen Lahive d. 6th.June.1940 aged 77.
Morgan O`Brien d. 13th.Oct.1879 aged 56.
Mary O`Sullivan d. 7th.Sept.1954 aged 56.

A14. Trevor John Denbury
wife Alice 1900-1979.

A15. No stone but planted

A16. Daniel husband of Mary Regan died 6.March.1939 aged 75.
Daniel son died 1918.
William son died 1921.
Mary Regan died 3.Feb.1951 aged 89.

A17. John Crowley born 11.May.1886. died 10.Nov.1965.
Bridget wife died 24.Feb.1973 aged 91.
Mary Catherine Horrigan 1879.

A18. Lella Bamsey
Johnny Thomas husband of Mamie

A19. David Murphy died 25.Jan.1944 aged 67.
Mary Murphy wife died 26.Aug.1963 aged 85.
Sarah Jane Naish her mother died 29.Sept.1886 aged 33.
Winifred Murphy daughter of David and Mary.

Ah. Deirdre Anne daughter of Robert and Monica Ronan
d. 12th.May.1960 10 weeks.

A20. Johanna wife of Edward Moran died 17.June 1909 aged 34.
Margaret daughter died 8.March.1918 aged 38.
Edward John son died 22.July.1920 aged 34.
Edward Moran husband died 23.Aug.1922 aged 64.
Also Mary Elizabeth Riordan daughter of Edward and Johanna Moran
died 18.May.1954 aged 71.
Eileen Sullivan died 4.March 1990 aged 78.

A21. Two stones back to back.
Timothy Conolly of Briton Ferry
died at Cleveland Ohio USA. 8.Oct.1883 aged 46.
Morris Conolly son died 14.March.1887 aged 3.
Dennis Conolly died 11.June.1887 aged 18.
Elizabeth Conolly died 20.Nov.1898 aged 18.
William Conolly died12.July.1908 aged 32.
Elizabeth Conolly late of Briton Ferry died---- ? 1923. rest of bottom covered by path.

A21a. Michael Conelly died 27.June 1940 aged 73.

A22. Doreen Madden wife of Terence mother of Anne died 6.Dec.1976 aged 64.
Terence Madden died 19.Dec.1993 aged 81.
R their remembered their children Cornelius John, Clare and Paul who died in Invancy.

A23. Annie Harvey 1899-1984.

A24. Our dear mother an father
Mary died 22nd.Jan.1916 aged 58.
Thomas Prout died 8th.May.1923 aged years.
Also of 4 children.
Also Margaret Holmes died 11th.June. 1955 aged 61 years.
Her husband Bert Holmes died 13th.May.1993 aged 90 years.

A25. Rosanna Price died 30th.Oct.1986 aged 83 years.
Son Gerald Morgan Price died 28th.July.1996 aged 65
Husband of Delicia.

A26. Mary daughter of Patrick and Abigail Ca------
of Neath died 22nd.Dec.1897 a---------
Also William s-------- above named died 23 ------- 1905.aged 24.
Also above named Patrick Carball---- died 21st.Dec.1918 aged 68.
And of Marian Heydon daughter of James and Marian Carbally
died 1st.Aug.192- aged 5.
Also Abigail wife of above named Patrick Carbally
died 4th.Sept.1939 aged 85.

A27. Norah Stitson died 2nd.March.1948 aged 44.
Daughter Joan 2 years.
Also Julia Waters died 3rd.April.1994 aged 88.

A28. Kate Brennan 1856-1930.
David Brennan 1860-1932.
Daughter Catherine Crowley died 25th.July.1980 aged 87.
Husband Thomas Crowley died 24th.June.1987 aged 95.

A29. Michael O`Sullivan of Banty 1863-1942.
Elizabeth O`Sullivan of Fimount Co. Cork. 1871-1952.
Daughter Helena Gates 1894-1964.
Son in law Charles Rees 1910-1997.
Jane Rees 1915-2002.

Ai. Wall Plaque with bricked arch like shrine below.
Father Clemeni Mathews
parish priest of St. Joseph`s Aberavon 1895-1897.
d. 29th.Nov.1897.
And Father Achille Oeghe d. 20th.April.1901.

A30. Rev.father James Kelly died 4th.Jan.1968 aged 61.
Father Timothy L. Carkery of Ferndal died 28th.April.1984 aged 67.

A31. Mary Wehrle died 22nd.June.1913 aged 56.
Berthold Wehrle died 23rd.June 1914 aged 56.
Son Osear P. Wehrle died 22nd.Feb.1964.

A32. Norah Williams died 8th.Oct.1935 aged 72.
Children Annie and Thomas
Grandson Peter Harris born and died 21st.March.1943.

A33. Our Parents
Patrick Llewellyn died 9th.March.1929 aged 48.
Mary Llewellyn died 18th.Dec.1965 aged 87.
Son in law Gwyn Richards died 6th.Oct.1950 aged 40.

A34. Gustav Wehrle died 6th.Dec.1969 aged 74.
Wife Elizabeth died 20th.Jan.1983 aged 87.
Annie wife of Gustav Wehrle of Neath
died 27th.July.1893 aged 29 years.

A35. William Sheehan of Aberavon died 9th.March.1894 aged 23.
Maurice Sheehan died 3rd.Sept.1896 aged 59.
Mary wife of above died 29th.Oct.1923 aged 83.
Richard Sheehan died 25th.Feb.1955 aged 82.
Dorothy Esther Sheehan died 26th.April 1978 aged 101.

A36. The Waters Family. [Nothing more ]

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B1. May Winters d.23rd.Dec.1996 aged 73.
Will Winters d.15th.July.1997 aged 74.
Parents of David,Cecil,Anthony and Angela.

B2. John Lahive born in the parish of Clovne Co. Cork.
d. Aberavon 14th.Dec.1891 aged 55.
Also Patrick his son d.21st.June.1882 aged 6 yrs. and 6 months.
Also an Infant.
Also Mary Lahive d.20th.Dec.1901 aged 61.
Also Richard Thomas d.30th.Oct.1927 aged 62.
Also his wife Johanah Thomas d.14th.Jan.1940 aged 74.
Freda Pierce wife of Emrys d.20th.June.1987 aged 66.

Ian Glyn Thomas died tragically 24th.Dec.2000. aged 33.
His brother Mark Alan Thomas d. 23rd.Feb.2004 aged 39.

B3. John Moran d. 8th.Nov.1940 aged 55.
His wife Catherine d. 6th.March.1975 aged 78.

B3a. P. Kenifick.

B4. Mary O`Brien d. 13th.Nov.1896 aged 51.
Her husband Michael O`Brien d. 18th.Dec.1923 aged 84.
Michael L. O`Brien their son d. 23rd.Jan.1951 aged 71.
His wife Margaret d. 22nd.May.1962 aged 77.

B5. John Lahive 1894-1955.
Julia Lahive 1894-1979.

B6. Ellen daughter of Maurice and Annie Collins of Cwmavon
d. 13th.May.1902
Two children Maurice and Elizabeth.
Maurice Collins d. 8th.Jan.1908 aged 53.
Kathleen Collins d. 20th.June.1994 aged 78.

B7. Edward J. Cochlin husband of Kathleen d. 28th.June.1983 aged 75.

B8. Eileen O`Niell d. 1st.March.1959 aged 56.
Cecil Gunter d. 19th.March.1972.
Wife May d.3rd.May.1994 aged 90.

B9. Denis O`Leary 1909-1967.
Wife Elizabeth 1913-2001.
Parents of Monica, Maureen, Shelagh and Margaret.

B10. Michael Hurley husband of Nan d. 16th. April.1962 aged 65.
Nan d. 10th.Oct.1971 aged 77.
Patrick O`Neill d. 4th.Feb.1959.

B11. Michael Callachan d. 1st March.1878 aged 34.
Also Thomas Frederick son of Oliver and Ann Piper
d. 29th.Sept.1881 aged 10 Months.

B12. John Lyons [ mason ]. d. 5th.April.1887 aged 75.
Ellen his wife d. 25th.April.1894 aged 67.
Catherine their daughter d.27th.March.1878 aged 27.
Also Richard Lyons d. 26th.March.1923 aged 36.

B13. Jack Tobin husband of Margaret d. 10th.March.1976 aged 64.

B14. Catherine Jones 1904-1977.
Norah Jones 1906-1990.

B15. Ellen wife of Michael Donovan d. 22nd.Aug.1931 aged 55.
Michael Donovan d. 4th.Feb.1933 aged 54.
Son Michael Donovan d. 22nd.Aug.1969 aged 65.

B16. May Griffiths d. 3rd.Jan.1993 aged 83.
Husband [ Dick ] Richard d. 31st.Oct.1998 aged 89.

B17. Edward O`Brien d. 6th.June.1928 aged 40.
Wife Margaret d. 4th.June.1969 aged 80.
Kath [ O`Brien ] Lewis 1916-1983.

B18. Patricia Helen Berndsen d. 24th.Sept.1950 aged 30.
Margaret Carey d. 5th.March.1960 aged 45.

B19. [ Kerbs of a grave laying in pieces on concret slab ].

Patrick O`Connell-Patrick Purcell.
Cornelius Coursey-Margaret Smith.
John and Rosanna Navin [ Cwmavon ].
Also grandson John James.
John Navin 1874-1960.
Rosanna Navin 1874-1942.
John James 1942-1944.

B20. Michael McCarthy
Husband of Emily
d. 20th.July.1986 aged 75.
Emily d. 18th.Oct.2001 aged 84.

B21. Helen Barry d. 25th.Aug.1953 aged 78.
Former headmistress St. Joseph`s Infants.
Daughter Josephine d. 3rd.Oct.1949 aged 34.
Mary Bridget Barry d. 28th.Aug.1974 aged 68.
Elsie Elizabeth Barry d. 30th.Oct.1959 aged 60.

B22. James Barry husband of Ellen d. 14th.May.1885 aged 55.
Wife Ellen d. Cray 21st.Feb.1904. aged 62.
Ellen Segrue daughter of above d. 17th.July.1902 aged 26.
At Cray Beconshire.

B23. John husband of Mary O`Callacham d.7th.Jan.1937 aged 51.
Mary O`Callagham d. 27th.June.1974 aged 84.

B24. Patrick Riordan d. 15th.July.1918 aged 48.
Daughter Mary Assarman d. 14th.Jan.1979 aged 70.
Son Edward Riordan d. 12th.April.1981 aged 67.

B25. Luke Couzens native of Kilrane Co of Wexford d. 30th.Dec.1906 aged 75.
Wife Mary d. 18th.June.1902 aged 79.
Also John Bennet d.27th.Nov.1885 aged 32.

B26. Flurance Donovan d. 10th.March.1960.
Mary Donovan d. 19th.April 1974.
Norah their daughter d. 29th.June.1929.
Son Bob d. 26th.Aug.1988 aged 73.

B27. Clifford Thomas Simmonds husband of Mary.
May 1901-April 1986.

[ I must comment on the above, Cliff was living at Western Ave Sandfields
when I was building my house opposite in 1965, from that time until his
death we became good friends despite an age difference of 40 years
he was the most quiet and harmless person that I have ever encountered
His wife Mary is still living today aged 100 years. Allen Blethyn ].

B28. Johannah daughter of Daniel and Eleen Sullivan
d. 9th.Jan.1891 aged 1 year and 6 months.

B29. John Payne husband of Margaret. d. 9th.Dec.1999 aged 66.

B30 Maurice Broderick husband of Bridget.d. 25th.Oct.1926 aged 37.
Also their daughter Mary d. 13th.Dec.1939 aged 22.
Bridget Broderick d. 15th.Nov.1970 aged 83.

B31. Daniel and Catherine Hegarty
and their children Moira, Lawrence, and Kathleen Collett.
Also their grandchild Daniel.
Also in memory of Don.

B32. Timothy Hurley d. 2nd.June.1953 aged 22.

B33. William husband of Alice Cuss d. 8th.Nov.1960 aged 71.

B34. John McDonnell d. 29th.Sept.1901 aged 60.

B35. Catherine Ann--cton? d. 1927 aged6-?

B36. Daniel Cochlin d. 29th.Aug.1942 aged 78.
Wife Ann d. 4th.Jan.1955 aged 89.
Also of 2 Infants.
Also their daughter Agnes d.11th. March.1989 aged 91.
Who was the wife of
William Thomas Edwards d. 12th.Nov.1990 aged 91.

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Section C.

C1. James Donovan d. 25th.Jan.1956 aged 71.
Wife Minnie d. 2nd.June.1968 aged 80.

C2. Catherine Ryan 1873-1947.
James Ryan 1872-1948.
Leonard Ryan 1900-1948.
Jack Ryane 1907-1922.
Winifred Rendall 1914-1965.

C3. Mary Folland d. 7th.Feb.1968 aged 65.
Son in Law William Edmund Hopkins d. 2nd.Dec.1999 aged 76.

C4. Weather damaged cannot read.

C5.. Patrick Corcoran d. 3rd.Jan.188-?. aged --?.
John Corcoran d. 9th.April.1881 aged 65.
Ellen Corcoran d. 1st.Jan.1883 aged 64.

C6. Our mother and father
Margaret Eileen Ryan 1916-1983.
Edward Ryan 1912-1986.

C7. T.M.

C8. Agnes May Moriarty 1906-1993.
Husband Thomas 1892-1963.
And Mary Grace.

C9. Mary A. Greenway d. 26th.Jan. 1966 aged 90.

C10. Denis Sweeney 1810-1878.
Ann Sweeney 1813-1879.
Mary Lee aged 65.
John Sweeney 1881-1957.
James Sweeney 1887-1959.

C11. Thomas and Jane Sweeney
d. 15th.May.1903 aged 49. and 19th.Feb.1919 aged 76.
Daughters and Son Annie, Margaret, and Michael
d. 5th.Nov.1865 aged 16.
d. 4th.Dec.1940 aged 51.
d. 20th.Jan.1946 aged 61.

C12. John Power husband of Margaret Josephine
d. 16th.June.1980 aged 76.

C13. John O`Brien d. 8th.Aug.1944 aged 79.
Wife Elizabeth d. 25th.Dec.1953 aged 87.
Alfred Cunningham d. 16th.June.1982 aged 80.
Dorothy Cunningham d. 5th.March.1984 aged 85.


C15. John O`Shea 1887-1963.
Wife Mary 1890-1977.

C16. Hanora wife of Michael Broderick
d. 22nd.June.1874 aged 64.
John Cronin grandson d. at Cardiff 6th.March.1888 aged 29.
James O`Brien [ Greenbrook ] d. 2nd.April 1945 aged 67.
Julia O`Brien d. 28th.March 1956 aged 78.

C17. Miah McGrath 1901-1985.
Wife Margaret 1923-1987.
Daughter Gwenllian 1923-1994.

C18. Daniel McCarthy husband of Margaret
d. 31st.March.1966 aged 40.

C19. Morty son of Morty and Julia Sullivan of Cwmavon
d. 1st.Feb.1874 aged 18.


C21. Mary Helen wife of Daniel Mahoney
d. 21st.Aug.1936 aged 60.
Also their daughter Eileen d.28th.Nov.1934 aged27.
Above Daniel Mahoney d. 4th.July.1953 aged 78.

C22. Daniel McCarthy husband of Mary Ellen
d. 27th.Feb.1965 aged 79.
Mary Ellen d. 3rd.April.1979.

C23. Winifred Murphy d. 24th.Jan.1958 aged 27.

C24. Michael son of John and Hannah O`Brien
d. 23rd.Nov.1883 aged 3.
Ellen a daughter d. 26th.Aug.1894 aged 20.
Son John d. 19th.July.1897 aged 21.
The last named accidentally drawned in America.
Hannah O`Brien d. 1st.July.1900 aged 52.
John O`Brien d. 20th.Feb.1922 aged 72.
Also Mary Winter their daughter d. 30th.Nov.1942 aged 55.

C25. John Brian Tossell d. 26th.Feb.1983 aged 49.

C26. William John King d. 12th.Oct.1950 aged 78.
Ellen his sister d. 14th.Nov.1923 aged 54.
Lawrence O`Brien 1898-1985.

C27. Albert James Williams 5-2-1922. 13-3-1980.
Wife Elizabeth 26-9-1923. 21-4-1985.

C28. Peter Richard Quinn
who died in Brazil 7th.Aug.1962 aged 8.

C29. Our Aunt
Florence Jones d. 26th.April.1985 aged 65.

C30. Our Parents
Oswald Evans 12-7-1894. 23-1-1973.
Margaret Evans 20-9-1891. 25-1-1982.

C31. Alfred Joseph Mayee husband of Ellen
d. 26th.Oct.1960 aged 73.
Ellen d. 13th.May.1970 aged 78.

C32. John Broderick d. 30th.Oct.1884 aged 60.
Wife Catherine d. 8th.Aug.1887 aged 60.

C33. Richard son of Albert and Eileen Thorne
d. 1st.Aug.1952 aged 4.
Above Albert H. Thorne d. 15th.Oct. 1993 aged 81.
Wife Eileen Georgina d. 23rd.April.1996 aged 83.

C34. John Stanley Davies d. 16th.Oct.1979 aged 48.

C35. Denis Madden husband of Kathleen d. 26th.Jan.1967 aged 53.
Kian James O`Leary. 15th.Feb.2001.

C36. John O`Sullivan 1892-1976.
Wife Elizabeth 1896-1979.
Also Edmund Foley 1909-1987.
His wife Anne 1919-1987.

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C37. Cannot read due to weathering worn.

C38. Our Parents
Edward Lewis d. 17th.Oct.1984 aged 82.
Eileen d. 10th.April.1985 aged 82.

C39. Michael Hurst d. 1st.June.1885 aged 36?.

C40. Catherine wife of Patrick Moran d. 10th.Jan.1916 aged 52.
Son Patrick killed in France 30th.Sept.1918 aged 24.
Also James aged 2.
Patrick Moran d. 7th.Aprile.1939 aged 75.
Son Richard killed in North Africa 7th.Feb.1943 aged 39.
James Cotter Grandson d. 25th.Dec.1951 aged 13.
Annie Moran d. 30th.Dec.1965 aged 77.
John Moran d. 17th.Jan.1970 aged 83.

C41. Patrick husband of Margaret E. Hurley d. 16th.July.1937 aged 50.
Catherine Downey d. 9th.May.1918 aged 51.
John husband of Margaret Downey d. 25th.April.1962 aged 66.
Margaret Downey d. 16th.April.1967 aged 73.
Andrew Neil Rodger d. 12th.May.1974 aged 52.
Margaret Ellen Hurley d. 25th.May.1972 aged 71.

C42. Jack Tossell aged 73.
Wife Margaret aged 76.

C43. Ciovannina Belli d. 4th.June.1948 aged 60.
Husband Louis d. 28th.July.1968 aged 84.
Son Guido d. in infancy 1919.
Also Maria Brancchi d. 11th.April.1937 aged 38.
Also their daughter Caroline d. 13th.Oct.1992 aged 78.
Wife of Siverino Vallario.

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Section E.

E1. John O`Brien d. 2nd.Sept.1948 aged 48.
Wife Nora O`Brien d. 17th.Feb.1997 aged 97.
Daughter Dorothy O`Brien d. 26th.Aug.1984 aged 50.

E2. Michael O`Leary 1883-1956.
Annie 1883-1956.
Their children
Edward 1910-1927.
Thomas 1916-1994.
Kathleen O`Keefe 1913-1994.
Albert J. O`Keefe 1909-1985.
Elizabeth O`Leary 1926-1997.
Michael O`Leary 1919-1998.

E3. Edward Madden d. 18th.Aug.1948 aged 81.
Wife Margaret Madden d. 24th.May.1956 aged 86.
Sons Cornelius Madden d. 18th.March.1927 aged 23.
James Madden d. 19th.Dec.1961 aged 60.
Daughter Catherine Madden d. 13th.June.1978 aged 83.

E4. Unreadable blank with weathering.

E5. W B.

Wall Plaque inbetween E4. and E5. Jack and Ann Wagstaff
who devoted so much of
their time for the love of God
and their parish.
Note on above plaque. Their daughter was laying flowers to above, and she was glad to supply me with the following dates.
Her father Jack Wagstaff d.1992 aged 80
Her mother Ann Wagstaff d. 2004 aged 87.

E6. Ronald O`Keefe husband of Kathleen d. 6th.Sept.2003 aged 83.
Daniel Broderick d. 31st.Aug.1980 aged 61.

E7. William James 1903-1969.
Ellen James wife 1903-1977.
Her sister Elizabeth Griffiths 1902-1969.
Grandfather Edward Navin 1837-1914.
Grandmother Mary Navin 1845-1881.
Uncle Patrick Navin 1866-1897.
Uncle Edward Navin 1874-*.

E8. Laying face down on grass.

E9. D. O`Brien.
Vase. Mother Helena Davies.

E10. Martin Doyle d. 1st.Sept.1999 aged 91.

E11. Richard husband of Minnie Barry d. 19th.Feb.1959 aged 63.
Harold Denis Power d. 12th.Jan.1988 aged 63.

E12. Thomas Wilkins d. 8th.June.1976. aged 78.
His sister Catherine Wilkins d. 23rd.May.2000 aged 91.

E13. Mary Madden wife of Timothy d. 4th.Oct.1974 aged 70.
Timothy Madden d. 7th.March.1981 aged 76.
Also Catherine Wilkins d. 27th.Aug.1935 aged 61.

E14. Catherine Doyle d. 24th.July.1934 aged 59.
Martin Doyle d. 8th.July.1957 aged 83.
Their daughters
Margaret 1910-1995.
Mary 1904-1996.

E15. Mary wife of Timothy Bowney d. 21st.Dec.1933 aged 40.
redo? more below.

E16. Richard Thomas Mulcahy d. 13th.March.1970 aged 70.
David Mulcahy d. 11th.Dec.1968 aged 66.
Richard Mulcahy father of above.

E17. John Carey husband of Carmel father of Anthony
d. 13th.June. 1988. aged 62.
Carmel Veronica Carey d. 1st.July.1993 aged 63.

E18. Leanard Truscott Thomas d. 23rd.Dec.1979 aged 69.
Wife Francis Mary Thomas d. 27th.March.2004 aged 94.

E19. William Barry d. 15th.Sept.1873 aged 44.
Honora Barry d. 29th.Aug.1878 aged 13.
Margaret Barry d. 23rd.Aug 1872 aged 36.
Also Jane Corish d. 19th.Aug.1934 aged 62.

E20. Nicholas Hurst d. 17th.Aug.1889 aged 80?.
Also Mary C. Noctor d. 18th.Sept.1928 aged 31.

E21. Annie Corish d. 30th.June.1954 aged 63.
Husband Peter d. 22nd.Sept.1964 aged 75.
Also Mary C. Noctor and John
who died in infancy.

E22. Michael O`Brien born in the parish of
Dessert Co. Cork d. Cwmavon 25th.June.1885 aged 43.
Daughter Norah d. 23rd.Nov.1886 aged 13.

E23. Mary daughter of Daniel and Margaret Buckley
of Keel-Carvan Co. Kerry
d. 1st.April.1885 aged 17.
Margaret Spillane d. 23rd.Jan.1888.
[ more buried below ground level?]

E24. Patrick Spillane d. 14th.Sept.1873 aged 52.
Jeremiah Reardon d. 29th.Sept.1882 aged 35.

E25. Catherine Leahy d. 9th.Oct.1874 aged 14.
Timothy Hurley of Aberavon d. 12th.Feb.1866 aged 66.
John Leahy d. 16th.March.1887 aged 52.
Ellen Leahy d. 5th.Nov.1889 aged 65.

E26. James O`Brien J.P.
d. 1st.Oct.1943 aged 76. [Note. The Historian ]
Wife Margaret d. 11th.Jan.1948 aged 92.
Son John Lawrence O`Brien d. 29th.Sept.1971 aged 73.

E27. John O`Sullivan d. 16th.May. 1938 aged 85.
Wife Catherine d. 16th.Feb.1944 aged 84.
Daughter Catherine d. 2nd.Dec.1948 aged 49.
Also Patrick O`Sullivan d. 15th.Aug.1966 aged 64.

E28. [ Damaged by weathering ].
William Welsh from Rethangen. Wexford.
d. 2nd.April.1882.
Wife Catherine d. 22nd.Feb.1928 ====?
Also Nicholas W ================?
d. 10th.May. 192================?.

E29. Edward Declan Kenure d. 21st.Jan. 1990 aged 87.
Wife Bridget d. 28th.April.1995 aged 90.

Plaque set in the wall behind these grave stones. More to come on this plaque?

E30. Amy Murphy d. 31st.May.1974.
Choir mistress at St. Josehp`s Church for 30 years.
Her sister Mary Murphy d. 10th.March.1987 aged 82.
Head mistress St.Joseph`s Infants.

E31. [ Broken Cross ]
Catherine Mary daughter of Michael and Ellen McCarthy
d. 27th.Feb.1899 aged 22.

E32. [ Fallen flat right way up ].
Timothy son of Richard and Margaret Madden
d. 20th.Oct.1884 aged 9 months.
Also Annie, John, Margaret and Richard
children of the above named.

E33. Luigia Viazzani. 1892-1969.
Andrea Viazzani 1890-1974.
Also Mario and Mauro infant sons.

E34. Bridget Mary Roche d. 3rd.May.1997 aged 85.
Brother Edmund aged 18 months.
Also their Grandparents
James and Margaret O`Brien.
and Helen Foley.

E35. Plain wooden cross with no inscription.

E36. Parents.
Jane Burke d. 28th.May.1980 aged 74.
Frank Burke d. 31st.May.1980 aged 73.
Also Helen McDermott d. 1st.July.1932 aged 60.

E37. Dennis Sexton d. 28th.April.1908 aged 63.
Son John d. 27th.April.1917 aged 30.
Also James Sexton d. 9th.Dec.1922 aged 42.
Ann wife of the above d. 30th.Sept.1931 aged 80.
Also Berndette Sexton Grandaughter of Dennis and Ann
d. 25th.Feb.1972 aged 38.

E38. John Dennis Williams d. 18th.Feb.2001 aged 72.

E39. James Ryan 6th.Oct.1895- 11th.March.1974.
Wife Mary Elizabeth 22nd.Dec.1894- 8th.Oct.1971.
Eldest son Sylvester 22nd.Jan.1923- 22nd.Nov.1945.

E40. John Brennan husband of Mary d. 9th.Nov.1963 aged 68.
Mary d. 1st.May.1977 aged 76.

E41. Flur Carey d. 1st.Sept.1966 aged 80.
Wife Ellen d. 20th.July.1989 aged 95.

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St.Joseph`s Church,Aberavon. Inside the Church.

The Great War 1914-18.
Those brave young men belonging to the congregation who never returned home from the War.
Having been remembered in the form of memorial stained glass windows, depicting The Sacred Heart, Our Lady of Heaven and St.Joseph.
erected in their honour, their names forming the following Roll of Honour containing the names of the thirty seven heroic dead.

Alcock, Henry. Lahive, John.
Broderick, Daniel. Llewellyn, Thomas.
Buckley, John. McGee, Michael.
Buckley, Patrick. Meadon, Sidney.
Carroll, Frank. Moran, Patrick.
Collins, John. Moran, Thomas.
Crowley, Daniel. Murphy, John.
Donovan, Timothy. Murphy, Patrick.
Downey, John. Murray, Timothy.
Driscoll, Daniel. O`Brien, Daniel.
Egan, Michael. O`Connor, Thomas.
Evans, John. O`Neill, Daniel.
Fielding, Thomas. Ryan, John.
Fleming, Thomas. Ryan, Sylvester.
Jones, Joseph. Sexton, John.
Jones, Leonard. Sullivan, Daniel.
Jones, Thomas. Sullivan, Mortimer.
Kenefic, John. Thomas, Richard.
Kennedy, Arthur.

Requiescant in Pace.

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1939-1945 War

A hand carved Stations of the Cross on the walls of the church were erected as a memorial
to those who sacrificed their lives during World War11.

Thomas Burke. Stanley Mainwaring.
John Canty. Michael Murphy.
Arthur Carrol. James McDermott.
Justin Collins. Robert McDermott.
Edward Davies. John O`Brien.
William Davies. Charles O`Callaghan.
Patrick Fagan. Michael O`Leary.
John Fitzgerald. Terence O`Neill.
John Figone. William Palmer.
William Fleming. Thomas Potter.
Edward Lang. Denis John Radford.
Richard Moran. Thomas Ryan.
Thomas Mulcahy. Leslie Voisey.
Denis Waters.

Requiescant in Pace


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