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1799, February 16; Baptist; a house called Sion chapel late in the tenure and occupation of William Thomas, carpenter; Jonathan Francis, Minister, Thomas Edwards, Minister, Rees Jones, Thomas David, Thomas Phillips, William Thomas, Rees Edward, Thomas David, Thomas Jones, William Thomas, John Singleton, Griffith Bowen, Evan David, Jenkin Thomas, Joseph Ellea(?); No. 1.

1801, July 10; Baptist; a house called Ebenezor Chapel late in the possession of Rees Powel; Thomas Phillip, Isaac Evan, Rees Edward, Thomas Jones, Rees Jones, David Evan, Evan David, Griffith Bowen, Thomas Edward, David John; No. 2. (Endorsed: Certificate dated 1800, [July] 13.)

1811, June 20; Independent; a house called Carmell; Richard James, Minister, Daniel Daniel, David Thomas, William Owen, William David; No. 3. (Endorsed: Registered 1811, June 21.)

1822, October 24; Baptist; a new building called Moriah Chapel; Isaac Nathan of Taibach, parish of Margam, carpenter, one of the trustees of the said chapel, W. Jones, John Roberts; No. 4. (Endorsed: 1822, November 8)