Foot Bridges Over The River Afan

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These bridges supplied a route to the works situated on the opposite side of the river for the many workers that streamed across them daily, many now are in a sad state of repair and badly in need of scraping down the iron works which is corroding with rust and flaking paint simply repainting them, could save all the footbridges for many years to come. They are still well used today although the works they were built to service have long gone.

The Halfpenny.
This footbridge built to service the Tinplate works situated on the eastern bank of the river was so named, as that was the cost each man woman and child had to pay as a toll to cross. The bridge that stands there now is a new bridge opened in 1988 replacing the bridge in the 1956 bridge Photograph, that bridge itself replaced a bridge that was washed away in the floods of about 1909. In 2006 the footbridge has again been altered although not rebuilt to accommodate an underpass on the new peripheral road scheme an access stairs has been removed and a stone wall with the blue Euro Plaque has been built in its place. Whilst on the eastern side an access subway tunnel has been built for the benefit of walkers and cyclists, Allen was horrified to discover that the bridge workers were piling up rubble against the original plaque and thanks to his endeavors the plaque was saved from destruction.

Ford Road Velindre

This Footbridge gives access from velindre across the Afan to Ynys Street
a fairly modern footbridge situated at Ford Road in velindre, again well used by pedestrians taking a direct route to town.

The Corlanau.

This footbridge built within the Gorge was used to service the Tinplate and Forge Iron Works, the same bridge has stood there for as long as I can remember although the weir below has been rebuilt a number of times this bridge is one of the badly rust affected bridges.


This bridge is situated just below the Britannia Inn and again gave access to the many works that were scattered the length of the lower Afan Valley although sturdy it like the Corlanau bridge has been in need of painting for a number of years.

Depot Road.

This bridge is again a fairly new Footbridge and gives access across the Afan to the many walks and cycle tracks that are now widely used and known all over Europe


This Footbridge situated just below the Viaduct services the Oakwood area of Pontrhyfen leading from the main road across the river with a flight of steps leading to the houses another well used footbridge.