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Surname Forename. Place of Birth . Year of Birth CC or Cs No. Died/Pens. Reg.Ticket Capacities County of Birth Kew Ref.

BARROW John Aberavon 1871 029049 2m95 1m96 OC06 GLA 122/89 Dead - particulars not known. Reported by War Medals Dept 21 February 1925. 6068/25.

BATE Jessie Aberavon 1856 GLA [1881 census at Richard Place, High St., Aberavon, GLA. Jessie Bate, married, aged 25, born Aberavon, GLA, Master Mariner's wife].
BATE Llewelyn C. Aberavon 1884 47173 GLA 141/2 Ship's engineer. C.= Clyde.
BATE Nicholas J. Aberavon 1855 99787 03/12/85 2m75 1m78 OC80 GLA 122/70 J.= James. C/70495/Lord Clyde/1880-5. Died at sea on 3 December 1885.

COLEMAN Charles P. Aberavon 1868 28244 17/01/18 2e92 1e95 GLA 139/15 Ship's engineer. P.= Pasco. Drowned whilst serving as 1e/Windsor Hall, vessel torpedoed on 17 Jan 1918.

DAVIES George R. Aberavon 1833 28395 15/07/78 2m63 1m67 OC69 GLA 122/37 R.= Richard. C/28038/Laurel/1871-6. C/22165/Lauderdale/1876-8. Ship lost on 15 July 1878, supposed drowned. (last abode: 32 Woodhouse Terrace, Falmouth, birth place given as Aberdaron, (BT159/2 folio 148)).

DAVIES John C. Aberavon 1843 31210 15/01/71 om64 OC66 GLA 122/42 C.= Courtis. C/60648/Syren/1870-1. Drowned at Rio Grande do Sul on 15 January 1871. (LL, 17 March 1871). [Late of Taibach, Margam, GLA. Admon 31 Oct 1874 to Margaret Davies, widow, the

DAVIES Thomas O. Aberavon 1845 83408 om67 OC71 GLA 122/50&51 O.= Owen. C/66421/Blonde/1874-9. C/83828/Ingoldsby/1883-6. C/86480/Ancient Britain/1887. C/115386/Loyal Briton/1907. (BT122/85). [1881 census at Sea View, High St., Aberavon, GLA. Visitor Thomas Owen Davies, married, aged 35, born Aberavon, GLA, Steam Ship officer and wife and Sarah Ann aged 34]. [Lived with his wife Sarah Ann at 7 Cathedral Rd., Cardiff in 1905].

DAVIES Thomas O. Aberavon 1866 31336 2e95 1e96 GLA 139/16 Ship's engineer. O.= Owen.

EDWARDS Octavius W. Aberavon 1864 024219 2m91 1m97 GLA 122/88 W.= William. Guilty of misconduct in 1893 as 2m/95761/Gloucester City.

EVANS John Aberavon 1864 037957 2m86 1m88 OC89 GLA 122/83&90 PN:017713. PN:033396. Cert lost in the 'Foscolea'. Re:037957.

EVANS Joseph Aberavon 1864 016907 02/08/02 2m86 1m88 OC89 GLA 122/82 Died on 2 August 1902 apparently of heart disease whilst Captain of the 82319/Banffshire.

FOLEY Frederick F. Aberavon 1866 027050 2m93 1m95 OC99 GLA 122/89 F.= Found. 564/23.

FOLEY John M. Aberavon 1882 45244 GLA 141/2 Ship's engineer. M.= Morgan.

FOLEY Richmond Aberavon 1843 33547 om65 OC68 GLA 122/45 C/56023/Wonder/1869-82.

GETHING David H. Aberavon 1890 0011755 Css18 GLA 123/4 H.= Hanbury. PN:042861.

GETHING Frederick H. Aberavon 1879 003785 2m01 1m03 Ma06 GLA 123/2 H.= Hanbury. PN:036569. C/140252/Elmleaf/1917-20. Awarded Lloyd's Medal for Meritorious Service on 22 Feb 1918 for extraordinary exertions on the occasion of the encouter of the SS 'Elmleaf' with a enemy submarine on 24 Dec 1917. Awarded Distinguished Services Cross for services in connection with the war, (Letter no 10704, 4 Apr 1918; LG, 26 April 1918). C/143297/Canterbury Bell/1921, FPS. Vessel capsized and sank off Lundy Island though cargo shifting, (LL, Jan 7, 1922, col 20). Master of the Falls City, Polmina, Kingswear, Lady Rhondda, Ellen Jensen, Purley Beeches, Purley Oaks, Andoni, Ashanti, Jeanne M., and Cabenda from 1921-40. (LCR

GUMBRELL R. [Aberavon] GLA Second Officer of the 'City of Munich'. In 1917 he was being detained as a Prisoner of War at Ruhleben, Germany. Last address: 34 Leslie St., Aberavon, Port Talbot, GLA, (CO693/5).

JONES Edgar G. Aberavon 1858 18654 2e83 GLA 139/12 Ship's engineer. G.= Gwynn. Estella??/1883.
JONES Edmund Aberavon 1864 21229 2e86 1e87 Ex1e99 GLA 139/13 Ship's engineer. 1e/105191/Afonwen/1898.

JONES John Aberavon 1850 91969 04/12/84 2m70 OC73 GLA 122/62 C/47854/Alpha/1874-6. 2m/68960/Alliance/1884. Supposed drowned by wreck on 4 December 1884.

JONES Thomas Aberavon 1799 41876 M51 GLA 124/5 C/38962/Peri/1856-8.

JONES Thomas Aberavon 1826 GLA [1881 census at 22 Upton Park Rd., St.Leonards Ter., West Ham, Essex. Thomas Jones, married, aged 55, born Aberavon, GLA, retired Master Mariner and wife Ann Jones, aged 57 born Llandilo?, CMN].

LEWIS William J. Aberavon 1889 006965 2m12 1m14 Ma20 GLA 123/3 J.= John.

LOVELUCK John E. Aberavon 1872 026680 1m93 OC97 GLA 122/89 E.= Edward. PN:bom703. 167/22.

RODERICK Rees Aberavon 1852 14898 03/11/29 2e76 1e78 GLA 139/8&9 Ship's engineer. PN:12988. PN:12944. 1876 address: Port Talbot. e/68149/Hellespont/1878-9, ship lost. 1e/88763/Clivedon/1887. Black Books: On 30 Sept 1887 he was found guilt of gross misconduct and drunkenness whilst serving as first engineer of the 'Clivedon'. Cert suspended for 12 months. On 28 Sept 1888 cert send to Blyth, (BT167/36/p1862). Died at Porthcawl on 3 Nov 1929.

RYAN John Aberavon 1831 2221 2e66 GLA 142/2 Ship's engineer. e/70275/Prince Consort/1877.
SING William Aberavon 1839 9915 2e71 GLA 139/4 Ship's engineer. 2e/74555/Tudor/1876-7.

THOMAS Arthur J. Aberavon 1891 008417 1m14 Ma16 GLA 123/3 J.= James. PN:042529. C/135338/River Teign/1922-5. C/139606/Maidy Court/1925-32. C/129501/Porthmorna/1939-41. Awarded MBE for War services. (LL Jan21 1942, p3 col3). C/169619/Rodney Baxter/1947. (LCR Ms18568/14A).
WALSH David R. Aberavon 1883 52538 GLA 141/7 Ship's engineer. R.= Robert

WILLIAMS David Aberavon 1848 85297 20/04/68 2m67 GLA 122/53 2m/44419/Prince Albert/1868. Drowned at sea on 20 April 1868.

WOOD Alfred Aberavon 1838 30332 08/06/73 2m64 om67 GLA 122/40 2m/27000/Falcon/1873. Drowned at Sydney on 8 June 1873.

WYNDHAM James N. Aberavon 1875 32523 2e96 1e98 GLA 139/16 Ship's engineer. N.= Newby.

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