The Peoples Graveyard Two section B
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Memorial Inscriptions
Burial ground Plan

The burial Ground Plan gives the location of individual graves
First find the grave in the A,B,C,D Memorial Inscriptions Lists
then check the Grave plot number against the plot numbers on the
Burial Ground plan
this will give the Grave plots location in the Burial ground.

Section B
B1. William Thomas son of William and Elizabeth Griffiths
died 30th.Oct.1918.aged 31 years.

B1a. Elizabeth Ann Griffiths
died 6th.Oct.1939. aged 39 years.

B2. Ivor Rees son of William and Elizabeth Griffiths
born 6th.July.1890. died 13th.March.1891.
Maggie their daughter
died 2nd.March.1895. aged 3 years.
The above named William Griffiths
died 22nd.March.1905. aged 58 years.
His wife Elizabeth died 23rd.April.1916. aged 64 years.

B3. The beloved children of Thomas and Mary Thomas
of Pentwyn Farm Baglan.
Margaret died 13th.Dec.1891. aged 4 months.
Gwendoline died 27th.March.1895. aged 6 months.
The above Thomas Thomas
died 27th.Feb.1949. aged 74 years.
His wife Mary Thomas
died 25th.Jan.1963. aged 96 years.
Their daughter Lucy Thomas
died 18th.Oct.1990. aged 92 years.
[ see her story in book Baglan and the
Llewellyns of Baglan Hall ].

B4. To badly weathered to read.

B5. Wife of John Morley
died 3rd.Feb.1910.aged 73 years.
Above John Morley
died 25th.April.1925. aged 91 years

B6. Johnna Hooper
died 19th.Feb.1894.aged 69 years.
Kate Kingston
died 5th.Sept.1911.aged 59 years.
Mary Elizabeth Jenkins
died 1st.March.1931 aged 74 years.
Margaret Fitzgerald
died 9th.Dec.1945 aged 86 years.

B7. War grave.
Welsh Regiment
3rd.Sept.1915. aged 50.
Also John [ Sgt ] Geo. [ PTE ].
Son of the above
Killed in action 1915.
Peace Perfect Peace.

B8. Elizabeth Thomas
Griffith R. Thomas.
[ rest of stone buried in ground ]

B9. Morgan Morris
died 18th.Feb.1891.aged 45.

B10. Margaret Mary daughter of
Samuel and Margaret Clement
died Jan.15th.1881 aged 2years and 3 months.
Also the afore named Margaret
Nov. 13. ----? aged 65 years.
Samuel Clement

B11. Ebenezer John
yr hwn a Mawrth 12. 1931
yn 76 mlwydd oed.
hefyd am Jane
annwyl bridd yr uchod
yr hon a hunodd Medi 20. 1936
yn 74 mlwydd oed.

B12. Margaret Ann
wife of William Griffith Leyshon
died 22nd.May.1932 aged 64 years.
Also of William Griffith Leyshon
died 6th.Aug.1943 aged 78 years.

B13. David [decin] Thomas
died 5th.Dec.1934 aged 79 years.
wife Mary Jane Thomas
died 9th.Feb.1938 aged 80 years.
Also Jotham son
died 29th.Sept.1890 aged 2 years.

B14. Charles James
died 23rd.Jan.1890 aged 43 years.

B15. Mary John
[ rest of grave below ground ]

B16. Daniel John
died 13th.March 1890 aged 57.
wife Mary died 18th.Sept.1923 aged 88 years
Also Matilda their daughter
died 3rd.Sept.18--? aged 17years.

B17. White marble band at top
to worn to read.
Mawrthy 10. 1890.
35 oed.
Hefyd Mary amwyl briod yr uchod
yr hon a fu farw Mawrth 18.1908.
yn 49 mlwydd oed.

B18. Wife of William Redmore
died 31st.May.1890 aged 47 years.
The above William Redmore
died 12th.Dec.1917 aged 64 years.
Also of Charlotte wife of the above named
William Redmore
died 15th.Dec.1934 aged 81 years.

B19. Ethel Jones Spratt aged 7 years
Elizabeth Spratt aged 3 years
Also two infants
Children of A & E. Spratt.

B20. Ernest son of T & R. Griffiths
died 15th.July.1915 aged 16 years.
Also two infants.
Also the above named Thomas Griffiths
died 5th.Jan.1925 aged 63 years.
His wife Rachel
died 9th.July.1933 aged 63 years.

B21. Charlotte Evans late of Carmarthen
died 11th.May.1890 aged 86 years
Also of Thomas Rees
who died 16th.Oct.1923 aged 65 years
Also of Eleanor Murphy
died 18th.March.1946 aged 52 years.

B22. Taliesin Rees
Bu farw mai. 22. 1944.
Hefyd am Ann ei hoff briod
a fu farw Rhag 31.1944
Hefyd am
Charlotte Griffiths
ei chwaer
Hefyd am en Baban
Hedd Perffaith Hedd.

B23. [ Very bad condition ].
Evan John
died 23.Dec.18--? aged 40 years
Wife Elizabeth John
died 4th.Jan. ------- aged 36 years.

B24. Elvira Madden
died 11th.March.1915. aged 3 years.
Also of Mollie Madden
died 8th.March.1922 aged 2 years
beloved chidren of Timothy and Emma Madden
Also the above Timothy Madden
died 22nd.April.1941 aged 50 years.
Also above Emma Madden
died 30th.May.1952 aged 58 years.

B25. Mary the wife of David Ware
died 14th.July.1889 aged 28 years.
Also their daughter Blodwen Mary
died April.6. 1888.aged 3 years.
Also David Jenkins son of David Ware
died 11th.Oct.1893 aged 4 years and 3 months.

B26. Broken stone no inscription.

B27. Evan Jones of Cwmavon
yr hwn a fu farw mai 27.1889.
yn 41 mlwyod oed.
Anne gwraig yr uchod
tr hwn a farw mai. 1921.

B28. The Rev. Rees Phillips
died 1st.May.1893 aged 58 years.
Also Margaret Jones Phillips widow of
the Rev.Rees Phillips
who died at Cardiff 29th.April.1915 aged 74 years.
Also of Thomas Rees Phillips
second son of the above
died 28th.June.1889 aged 24 years.
Also of James Morgan Phillips
third son ofthe above
died 28th.Nov.1904 aged 37 years.

B29. Howell Davies
yr hwn a fu farw gop 3.1889
yn 65 mlwydd oed.
Also of Mary
wife of the above
died 8th.Sept.1912 aged 83 years.
Also of Ben
grandson of the above
died 9th.March.1930 aged 28 years.

B30. Margaret Ellen
wife of Thomas H.Davies
died 3rd.May.1900 aged 42 years.
Also of Gwyn Harold Sutton
son of the above
died 12th.Aug.1899 aged 5 weeks.

B31. William Davies
o`r lld hwn
efe a fu farw awst 11.-----? yn 28.
hefyd am Mary gwraig yn uchod
yr hon a fu farw awst 28. 1871 yn 71.

B32. John Maddox
died 26th.Aug.1889 aged 36 years.
Also of Margaret wife of the above
died 14th.Sept.1911 aged 59 years.
Also Harry Watkin husband of Elizabeth Jones
died 29th.March.1949 aged 66 years.
Also the above named Elizabeth
died 17th.March.1984 aged 92 years.

B33. Fallen face down.

B34. Emma wife of Thomas Ford
died 3rd.Feb.------? aged------?
Thomas Ford
died 13th.Dec.1958 aged 84 years.

B35. Jacob husband of Martha Jane Wilde
died 15th.Jan.1914 aged 48 years
Also the above named Martha Jane
died 5th.Nov.1937 aged 60 years
Also Florrie their daughter
died 10th.Jan.1920 aged 19 years.

B36. Catherine wife of Griffith Thomas
died 22nd.Jan.1916 aged 29 years.

B37 Hilda May
daughter of
David John and Emily Jane Thomas
died 17th.Dec.1914.aged 9 years.
Also the above named David John Thomas
died 19th.May.1930.aged 63 years.
Also the above named Emily Jane Thomas
died 2nd.Feb.1946.aged 83 years.
Also of Walter Thomas
son of the above Emily Jane Thomas
died 1st.Feb.1951.aged 66 years.

B38 Gertrude wife of
David John James
died 9th.Dec.1914.aged 28 years

B39 Florence Ann daughter of
Thomas and Hannah Jones
died 7th.Dec.1914 aged 5 years.
Also of Thomas Jones
died 25th.Feb.1924.aged 45 years.
Also of Hannah wife of Thomas Jones
died 21st.March.1929.aged 45 years.

B40 Our dear mother
Mary Elizabeth Davies
died 20th.Nov.1914.aged 35 years.
And her husband Ivor Davies
died 29th.Jan.1945.aged 73 years.
And their son Stanley Davies
died 5th.Oct.1972.aged 70 years.
Also Norah Evelyn his wife
died 10th.Jan.1997 aged 94 years.

B41 Thomas husband of
Margaret Ellen Haffield
died 25th.June.1931.aged 67 years.
Also the above named
Margaret Ellen Haffield
died 24th.Dec.1940.aged 78 years.

B42 Prudence daughter of
Thomas and Hannah Thomas
died 22nd.March.1889.aged 4 years.
Also of Hannah Blodwen
daughter of the above named
died 3rd.Sept.1901.aged 12 years.
Also of Thomas Thomas
died 9th.Sept.1901.aged 33 years.
Also of Hannah wife of the above
died 13th.Nov.1917.aged 67 years.

B43 Catherine Mary wife of the late
William Matthews
died 6th.Jan.1932.aged 75 years.
Also an infant daughter Evan Lewis son of the above
died Nov.1941.aged 63 years.
Also of Reine daughter of
William and Catherine Matthews.

B44 Edward Evans
died 19th.July.1898.aged 63 years. Also of Ann Evans wife of the above named died 17th.Aug.1907.aged 79 years.
Also of John nephew of the above
and husband of Mary A.Jones
died 10th.Oct.1925 aged 73 years.
Welsh Verse.

B45 Margaret the wife of
Thomas Nicholas of Victoria Buildings
Port Talbot.
died 7th.Nov.1900.aged 36 years.
Also of Bertha daughter of the above
died 1st.April.1893.aged 2 years and 2 months
Thomas Nicholas husband of
Elizabeth Key Nicholas
died 24th.Aug.1946.aged 80 years.

B46 Claudia wife of John Davies
of Pentyla.Aberavon.
Also of the above named
John Davies J.P.

B47 Jestyn John
son of Margaret and Jestyn Jones
Also of Edith daughter of the above named
Also an infant
Also of Jestyn C.Jones
died 11th.Dec.1898.aged 41 years
Also of Margaret wife of the above named
died 4th.Sept.1931.aged 77 years.
Also their daughters
Annie Jane Jones
died 31st.Dec.1971.aged 76 years.
Martha Margaret Jones
died 24th.Sept.1983.aged 89 years.

B48 Nicholas James
son of Nicholas James and Jessie Bate
died 11th.Nov.1887.aged 1 year and 10 months.
Jessie Bate
died 14th.Jan.1938.aged 79 years.

B49 Margaret Jennet daughter of
David and Catherine Jones.
died 16th.Nov.1997.aged 4 years and 7 months.
Also the above named Catherine Jones
died 17th.June.1903.aged 41 years.
Also of David Jones husband of the above
Catherine Jones
died 4th.July.1932.aged 74 years.

B50 Morgan Cox
Lamb & Flag.Aberavon.
died 13th.May.1890.aged 67 years.
Also of Catherine wife of the above
died 19th.Oct.1893 aged 74 years.

B51 George
husband of Eliza Ann Robinson
died 17th.Feb.1916.aged 59 years.
Also 2 infant sons.
Also of the aforesaid Eliza Ann Robinson
died 4th.April.1929.aged 69 years.

B52 Badly damaged.
Mary Ann wife of
------- Coombes
---------- aged 24 years

B53 Our Parents
Henry Boyle
died 23rd.March.1962.aged 65 years.
Elizabeth Boyle
died 5th.March.1970.aged 73 years.
And our grandparents
Albert and Elizabeth Toop.

B54 David Henry Platt Best
died 27th.Oct.1914 aged 25 years.
His father Richard husband of Margaret M.Best
died 9th.Aug.193-?.aged 74 years.
Margaret M.Best
died 2nd.Sept.1941 aged 79 years.
Also their daughter Margaret Evelyn
died 11th.March.1976.aged 85 years.

B55 George Hamilton Turnock
born 23rd.Sept.1872
died 13th.Sept.1914.
Also Joseph Arnold Turnock
11th.Bat.Australian Imperial Forces
Killed in action at Dardanelles Galipoli
June.1915.aged 41 years

B56 lieut.C.L.Shrimpton. M.B.E.R.E.
Killed preforming his military duty
17th.Sept.1945.aged 25 years.
His mother Winifred Letitia
died 2nd.Jan.1964.
His father Charles
died 29th.July.1967.aged 67 years.

B57 Fallen flat,face up.
Evan James
son of
John and Mary Edwards
died 14th.May.1887.aged 21 years.
Also of John Edwards
died --?Dec.1903.aged 68 years.
Also of Mary wife of the above
died --?Jan.1907 aged 6-? years.
Also of Timothy Edwards
son of the above named
died 13th.May.1947 aged 77 years.

B58 Catherine daughter of
Jenkin and Ann Rees
and the wife of Wm.Jenkins
Also of Jenkin Rees Jenkins
son of the above
died 29th.July.1907.aged 24 years.
Also 3 infants.
Also of Graham Jenkins
son of afore named
died 16th.Nov.1925.aged 31 years.

B60 Daniel Lewis Ware
died 14th.Dec.1901.aged 42 years.
Also of 2 children.
Also Margaret wife of the above named
died 7th.June.1936.aged 74 years.

B61 The children of
Thomas and Catherine Lydia Williams
William Rowland
died 7th.Nov.1885.aged 1 year and 7 months.
William Ivor
died 4th.Feb.1888.aged 7 months.
Also of John Oswald Williams
died 27th.Oct.1911.aged 25 years.
Also of Minnie wife of John H.Nash
died 16th.July.1944.aged 61 years.
Also the above John Henry Edis Nash
died 5th.March.1958.aged 76 years.

B62. Lillie wife of Sydney Richards
died 14th.Oct.1935.aged 46 years.
Also of the above named Sydney Richards
died 26th.July.1951.aged 59 years.

B63 David Edward Jones
died 11th.June.1921.aged 76 years.
Also of Elizabeth his wife
died 11th.Oct.1925,aged 75 years.
Also of their son Cyril Hamilton
died 14th.July.1883.aged 5 months.
R.T.Pryce Jones
died 21st.Feb.1943.aged 63 years.

B64 Ann
anwyl driod Dafydd Dafydd
o`r plivyf hwn
ye hon a fu farw hydref. 20.1893.
yn 32 mlwydd oed.
Hefyd am Fadan
hefyd am William mab y rhagenwyd
yr hwn a fu farw Tachwodd 6.1924.
yn 49 milwyod oed.
hefyd am vr rhocenwyd
Dafydd Dafydd
vr hwn a fu farw ebrol 23.1929. yn 94..
Hefyd Charlotte merch yr uchod
bu fawr 10.hydref 1967 yn 87.

B65 Llewellyn James
son of George and Mary Jones.[ relieving officer ]
died 9th.Feb.1884.aged 15 years.
Also of Thomas son of aforesaid
died 18th.Jan.1888.aged 22 years.
Also of Elizabeth Jones
died 27th.March.1926.aged 80 years.

B68 Jennet
wife of David Davies
died 5th.June.1884.aged 44 years.
Also Evan son of the above
died 2nd.April.1894.

B69 William
son of William and Catherine Thomas
died 15th.Aug.1885.aged 36? years.
Also of the above named Catherine Thomas
died 20th.June.1895.aged 84 years.

B70 Thomas Jenkins
died 11th.July.1913.aged 62 years.
Also of Major Thomas Frederick Jenkins
16th.Welch regt.
1st.Army Musketry Camp
died 26th.Feb.1919 aged 36 years.

B71 Mary Morris Thomas
June.1869-- March.1959.
John Thomas
Nov.1859-- March.1959.
And their children
Vavasor Morys May 1890--July.1913.
Aneurin March 1884--NOV.1918.
Bronwen Afan Dec 1885-- May 1959
Ryddan Jan 1888--MAY 1977.

B72 Mary Ann wife of William Bamford
died 4th.Nov.1913 aged 49 years.
Also William Bamford husband of the above
died 19th.May.1928 aged 65 years.
Mary their daughter
died 20th.June.1952 aged 57 years.
Charles husband of Ethel Williams
and father of Vernon
died 14th.Oct.1959 aged 70 years.

B73 Blodwen
wife of Thomas Hangor?
died 21st.April.1950 aged 61 years.
Also of Sarah Mary daughter of the above
more below broken stone in way?

B74. Stone included, but failed to read
condition to bad..

B75 William Stanley Hopkins
died 19th.March.1964 aged 73 years.
An infant son William James Hopkins.
Also of Margaret Ellen Hopkins
died 29th.Oct.1978 aged 85 years.
Also of Ellen Grace
died 5th.Oct.1973 aged 56.

B76 William Joseph Kenure
died 9th.Dec.1959 aged 71.
[ All other letters missing
only shadow marks remain below/]
Wife Alice
died 23--?.19-9? aged 72.

B77 Haulwen Mary daughter of
David M. and Elizabeth Austin
died 27th.Sept.1918 aged 31 years.
Also the above David M.Austin
died 22nd.June.1920 aged 42 years.

B78 Unreadable.

B79 Vase.
Stephen Giles
[ uncle Jack]

B80 Edith wife of Edward Pugh
died 9th.April.1949 aged 67 years.
Edward Pugh
died 17th.Mar.1954 aged 74 years.

B81 David S.Smith
His wife Katherine Barnes Smith
Also their daughter
Eveline Margaret Fraser Smith
died 1st.March.1980 aged 73 years.

B82 John Morgan Smith
born.13.----? 1854.
died 29th.Sept.1913.
His wife Sarah M.Smith
Their daughter Cecil M.Smith
died. 7th.Feb.1952.
Also Mary Isarel Smith

B83 Mabel Louise only daughter of
David and Louisa Jones
died.18th.April.1895 aged 1 year and 8 months.
Also the above named
David Jones
died 22nd.May.1905 aged 60 years.
And Louisa Jones
died.2nd.June.1924 aged 78 years.
William Samuel Jones
died 26th.April.1906 aged 32 years.
Also of Ernest Jenkins Jones
who served loyally King and Country
in the ranks of H.M.Forces 1914-1920.
died 27th.Feb.1923 aged 41 years.
Also of Harry Woodwall Jones
died 7th.July.1928 aged 53 years.
Also of Ellen widow of the above
William Samuel Jones
died.2nd.April.1952 aged 78 years.
Also of Frederick David Jones
died.8th.Feb.1940 aged 63 years.
And of Arthur Llewellyn Jones
died.26th.May.1947 aged 67 years.
And his wife Mary Ann Jones
died 1st.Dec.1943 aged 62 years.

B84 Thomas Henry
husband of Sarah Hussell
died 23rd.Nov.1938 aged 77 years.
The above named Sarah
died.24th.April.1949 aged 87 years
Also their daughter Mildred
died.18th.Oct.1954 aged 60 years.
Albert and Lilian

B85 Harry Robinson
died 7th.April.1894 aged -?5 years.
Also of 3 infants.

B86 Alice wife of William Gibbon
Also of William husband of the above
died 22nd.Sept.1921 aged 71 years.
Also of Hurbert Arthur Bulpin?
grandson of the ------?
died 2nd.Jan.1912 aged 25 years.

B87 Arthur Roderick [ Roodie ]
child of
Arthur David and Emma Jane Morley
died.4th.Feb.1913. aged 3 years and 3 months.
Also Arthur David
Husband of Emma J.Morley
died.24th.Feb.1943 aged 61 years.
Also of the afore-said Emma Jane Morley
died.26th.Aug.1953 aged 81 years.

B88 Gwyneth daughter of
Samuel and Elizabeth George
died.28th.April.1913 aged 9 months.
More below ground?

B89 M.E.Robinson
died.3rd.May.1913 aged 2 years.

B90 John husband of
Sarah Ann Wellington
died.30th.July.1960 aged 59 years.
And of Sarah Ann
died.19th.June.197-? aged 70 years.
And their sons
Lewis John 1937-1943.
Ronald James 1928-1943.

B91 William infant son of
William and Gertrude Irwen

B92 John Alfred Barnes
son of B.B. & J.A. James
died.19th.Dec.1913 aged 19 years.
Also the above named Bertha Barnett James
died.1st.July.1916 aged 52 years.
John Alfred James
died.4th.Nov.1921 aged 57 years.

B93 David Roderick
died 3rd.Dec.1912 aged 72 years.
Also of Jemima his wife
died 20th.March.1928 aged 83 years

B94 -----------------------------?
who died 9th.Dec.1891 aged 9 months.
Also Lydia wife of George Tapp
died.7th.July.1906 aged 51 years.

B95 Anne wife of
died 20th.Aug.----? aged 63 years.
Also Catherine their daughter
died 15th.Oct.1922 aged 16 years.
Also the above
Robert David Morgan
died.1st.Aug.1956 aged 85 years.

B96 Caroline Olive Croker
died.5th.July.1889 aged 20 years.
Also of Mary Crocker
died.23rd.May.1906 aged 78 years.

B97 Rosaland Matilda daughter of
David and Rosaland Eliza Jenkins
died------- 1889. aged-------
Also ------ Jenkins
died ------ 25.1900.
Also of Rosalind Eliza Jenkins
died 9th.March.1912 aged 84 years.

B98 David Ivor Llewellyn
son of Edwin and Ann Saunders
Gwyn Woodwall Saunders
And Elizabeth his wife
Also Ann Saunders
Also Elizabeth Woodwall Jones

B99 Henry Jones
of Cae-Derwen
Also of Thomas Jones

B100 William Bedford 1858-1931.
His wife Jennet Bedford 1863-1931.
Also their daughter
Sarah Ann Hill 1892-1973.
Her husband James Cornelius Hill 1880-1947.
Elmer Claudia and Gladys Bedford
died in infancy.

B101 Parch David Francis
yr hwn a fu farw
mehefin 23.1908.
yn 68 mlwydd oed.
hefyd am Ann Francis
annwylaf wraig yr uchod
yr hon a fu farw
mawrth 6.1926. yn 85.
hefyd am William
anwyl briod Margaret John
yr hwn a fu farw
mawrth 1. 1928. yn 61.

B102 Hestor Hendon Ellis.

B103 Letitia Charlotte wife of
John E.Jones
died.4thJuly.1893 aged 33 years
Also of Hetty Violet daughter of the above
died 28th.Nov.1912 aged 23 years.

B104 Gwendoline Louisa daughter of
John Cecil and Louisa Thomas
died 30th.April.1912 aged 12 months.
Also th above John Cecil Thomas
died 29th.Aug.1938.aged 52 years.
Also of Louisa Pamela Thomas
died 4th.Nov.1977 aged 93 years.

B105 Brinley Thomas son of the late George
and Jane Thomas
died.4th.June.1913.aged 18 years.
Also of the above named Jane Thomas
died.15th.Feb.1939.aged 87 years.

B106 William H.Elliott
died.28th.Jan.1913.aged 64.years.
Also Gwenllian only daughter of the above
died.17th.July.1917.aged 32 years.
Also of Ellen Elliott
died.28th.Feb.1927 aged 82 years.

B107 William Parr
died.8th.Sept.1911 aged 58 years.
Also of Elizabeth his wife
died.30th.Dec.1922 aged 94 years.

B108 Emma Jane wife of Henry Penn
died.6th.May.1911 aged 29?.years.
Also of Kenneth Balment their son
died.25th.June.1911 aged 2 months.
Also Rosina sister of the above George Penn
died.30th.Dec.1918 aged- -? years.

B109 Hefyd am y rhagenwyd
Y Parch
Edward James
bu farw Ebrill 5.1929 yn 74.
Welsh verse.
Hefyd am
gwraig yr uchod a hunodd
Ebrill 1.1932 yn 66.
Gwladys daughter of the Rev. Edward
and Harriet James of Sandfields
died 15th.Nov.1910 aged 20 years.

B110 Elizabeth Ann Davies
died 23rd.Sept.19--?
Also of John Henry Davies
husband of the above
died.19th.May.1957 aged 75 years.

B111 John Edger
died.19th.April.1896 aged 60 years.
Also of Harriet his wife
died 22nd.Dec.1909 aged 73 years.

B112 Benjamin husband of
Elizabeth Ann Price
Elizabeth Ann Price died 6th.Dec.1947.

B113 Broken stones.
Elizabeth Mary wife of
Sydney Arthur Jenkins
died.9th.Oct.1895 aged33 years.

B114 John --ches
o`r hef hon canwydef ar y 9 fis corp 1830
bu farw mehefin 29.1895.
Welsh Verse
Heyd am Elizabeth gwraig yr uchod
canwyd medi 13.1836.
bu farw mawrth 17.1916.
Welsh Verse.

B115 William Edward Arnold
died.2nd.Aug.1927 aged 72 years.
Also of Mary Arnold his wife
died.29th.July.1928 aged 78 years.
Also of their beloved parent
Alfred and Sarah Arnold.
Lena May Arnold
Olive Mary Arnold
died 10th.Feb.1953.

B116 Mary Ann wife of
William Benjamin Robinson
died.3rd.March.1933 age 73 years.
William Benjamin Robinson
died.24th.Feb.1944 aged 89 years.

B117 Elizabeth wife of John Richards
grocer of Black wells Aberavon.
died.25th.Oct.1895 aged 69 years.
Welsh verse.
Also the afore named John Richards
died 17th.March.1902 aged 79 years.
Also of Henry Richards their son
who was mayor of this town 1897-8.
died.31st.Dec.1898 aged 29 years
Welsh verse.

B118 Our dear father Thomas Daniel David
died.8th.March.1947 aged 77 years.
Also our mother Ann
died.17th.Dec.1947 aged 75 years.
Also Daniel Edward David
died. aged 2 years and 7 months.
Also Mary Gwenllian David
died. 24th.Feb.2005 aged 95 years.

B119 Mary Ann wife of
David Beresford
who died at Brynmawr
2nd.Oct.1-96 aged 69? years.
Also Ogle---------------------?
aged 79 years.
Also of Ellen Louisa Harris
died 27th.Feb.1959 aged 81 years.

B120 Thomas husband of Harriet Evans
died.14th.Nov.1929 aged 64 years.
Martha wife of Rosser Llewellyn
died.28th.Dec.1935 aged 41 years.

B121 Mary Pamphlet
died 3rd.Feb.1897 aged 63 years.
Also of Mary Jane Pamphlet
died.25th.April.1909 aged 42 years.
Also of Jenkin husband of Catherine Griffiths
died.1st.Feb.1930 aged 79 years.

B122 Clementina Sarah [ Tina ] daughter of
James and Emma Cockwell
died.23rd.Oct.1909 aged 6 years
Also the above named Emma Cockwell
born.13th.Jan.1867 died.15th.Dec.1943.
Also the above named James Henry Cockwell
died 12th.May.1954 aged 81 years.

B123 Samuel Jenkins son of
Samuel and Elizabeth Harris
died.24th.Dec.1909 aged 6 years.
Also the above named Elizabeth Harris
died.22nd April.1916 aged 45 years.
Also the above named Samuel Jenkins Harris
died 28th.April.1933 aged 67 years.
Also of Gladys wife of D.W.Morgan
and daughter of the above
who died at Welland,Canada
14th.Jan.1945.aged 51 years.

B124 Sarah the wife of
William John Davies
died.1st.April.1911 aged 43 years.
William John Davies
died.20th.Aug.1926 aged 52 years.
Also of Roy Davies grandson of above
died.23rd.Dec.1925 aged 6 years.
In loving memory of Gwladys.

B125 Elizabeth Anna wife of
David Jenkin Jones
Green Meadow Aberavon.
died.30th.May.1909 aged 56 years.
Also the above named
David Jenkin Jones
died.8th.Nov.1931 aged 79 years.

3010247 Private
Brecknockshire bat
South Wales Borderers
1st.October 1912 aged 23.

B127 Eleanor wife of John Wyatt
Also the aforesaid
John Wyatt
died 19th.March.1926 aged 69 years.
Also John their son and husband of
Mabel Wyatt
died 25th.May.1930 aged 42 years.

B128 John Hayes
died.13th.Dec.1908 aged 60.

B129 Helena Harriet wife of Eli.J.Styling
died.22nd.Feb.1908 aged 42 years.
Also Lena Jones wife of David R.Jones
died.26th.Nov.1918 aged 24 years.

B130 Er serchus coffa am
John Phillips yh
arweinydd y dan tabernacle
yr hwn a fu farw
mehefin 10.1921 yn 51.
Welsh verse.
hefyd am Catherine Ann
gwraig yr uchod
yr hon a fu farw
Tach 12.1930 yn 62.

Er serchus coffa
anwyl briod cynchopwr
William Williams
yr hon a fu farw
chwefror 22 ain 1908 yn 66.
Welsh verse

Hefyd am
William Wiliams cynfaer
yr hwn a fu farw
rhagfyr 3. 1921 yn 59.
Welsh verse.

B131 James Trevelian Edwards
died.30th.March.1929 aged66 years.
Also an infant.
Also his wife Elizabeth Jane Edwards
died.19th.Oct.1939 aged 74 years.
Also of Katie L.Macey daughter of above named
died.19th.Aug.1924 aged 34 years.

B132 John Harries Evans
died.14th.May.1896 aged 3-? years.
Also an infant
Also of Elizabeth Evans his mother
died.3rd.Feb.1911 aged 79 years.
Also Kezia his wife
died 15th.Oct.1959 aged 91 years.

B133 John [ Morfryn ] Phillips
Carfield House Aberavon
Hunodd 5.Mawrth 1923 yn 59.
Hefyd am Margaret
gwraig yr uchod
Yr hon a fu fawr 1.Ebrill 1928 yn 51.

B134 Nelly
Anwyl blentyn Timothy a Lilian Richards
Eagle Stores Aberavon
yr hon a fu farw Ebrill 15.1897 yn 5.
Welsh verse.

B135 James Key
died 20th.Feb.1897 aged 62 years.
Also Margaret Ellen youngest daughter of above
Also of George Burt Key
died.13th.Sept.1931 aged 69 years.

B136 Sarah wife of William Jones
Also the above named
William Jones

B137 Charles Henry Digby
infant son of Alfred & Amy Roberts.
born.2nd.July.1899. died.9th.Sept.1899.

B138 William Young died.23rd.May.1898.aged 68 years.
Jane widow of William Young
died.15th.Feb.1919.aged 83 years.
Joseph Edwin husband of Ada M.Griffith
died.5th.Dec.1939.aged 74 years.
Also Ada Mary Griffith

B139 Part badly weathered.
John Griffiths
died.A-----? --?6. 1898.
aged --? years.
Also of T---------? Griffiths
son of the above
died.April.------? 1902. aged ------?
Also ----------------------------------?
wife of -------------------------------?
died.March.26.------------? aged 74 years.

B140 Elizabeth Jones
Also of Mary Jane Thomas

B141 My dear husband
Thomas Samuel Burton
died.15th.July.1966 aged 61 years.
Also Hetty May wife of the above named Thomas
died.18th.July.1985 aged.77 years.
Also his grandparents
John and Catherine Burton.

B142 Jenkin son of
John David & Maria Rees
died.8th.March.1900.aged 19 years.
Also of Eleanor Maria
beloved wife of John David Rees
died.2nd.Jan.1901.aged 43 years.
Also the above named
John David Rees
died.28th.July.1934.aged 90 years.
Also of Benjamin Davies
son of the aforesaid
died.18th.Nov.1958.aged 72 years.
Also their daughter
Hannah Blodwen Rees
died.12th.July.1971.aged 83 years.
And her brother
David Daniel Rees
died.12th.Jan.1972.aged 81 years.
Also of Thomas John Gough
beloved husband of Kate
died.21st.March.1958.aged 63 years

B143 Stone broken into two parts.
Alexander husband of
Edith Selina Thomas
died.7th.Dec.1950.aged 70 years.
Edith Selina Thomas
died.4th.May.1959.aged 83 years.

B144 Ellen
wife of William Jones
died.1st.May.1900.aged 39 years.
Margaret Georgina wife of
John Bradshaw
Cyril Cokeley
Nov.24.1921. Jan.24.1965.
Con Cokeley
May.19.1898. Dec.15.1969.
Elsie Cokeley
March.1.1900. Feb.22.1970.

B145 Stone laying flat on grass.
beloved wife of
Harold Brokensha
died.6th.Jan.1915.aged 28 years.
Harold husband of the above
died.21st.May.1929.aged 46 years.

B146 Bennett Pryor
died.15th.Jan.1907.aged 59 years.
Also Prudence Pryor
died.19th.Nov.1919.aged 76 years

B147 Lily Richards
died.2nd.Jan.1953.aged 71
Also her husband
Jonathan Richards
died.9th.July.1959.aged 85.

B148 Henry David Jenkins
Husband of Amelia Ann Jenkins
died.20th.Nov.1907.aged 35 years.
Also the above named Amelia Ann Jenkins
died.4th.May.1950.aged 76 years.

B149 William Howells
died.13th.Dec.1907.aged 65 years.
Also of Mary Ann daughter of the above
died.11th.Dec.1912.aged 40 years.
Also of Ann wife of the above named
died.8th.Nov.1921.aged 70 years.

B150 Martha Davies
Joseph Davies
Marion Davies

B151 Only top readable
David Rees
died.6th.May.1911.aged 56 years.

B152 Small round top stone 18 inches showing
above the ground.
William Mazlin husband of Jane.

B153 Kate wife of James Stephens
and mother of Kate Leonora Lewis
died.24th.March.1944.aged 76 years.
Also of her son Joseph
died.29th.Dec.1969.aged 65 years.

B154 Victor Ernest
husband of May Hughes
died.23rd.Jan.1953.aged 63 years.
Also his wife Harriet May Hughes
died.21st.Jan.1985.aged 91 years.

B155 Mary Howells
died.23rd.Nov.1946 aged 74 years.
beloved wife of
Samuel E.Howells
died.3rd.Feb.1951.aged 79 years.
Also their daughter Mary Howells
died.9th.Jan.1985 aged 82.
Also their son Samuel E.Howells.
died.14th.March.1995.aged 93.

B156 Lydia Clarke
died.10th.Sept.1932.aged 61 years.
Also her husband
William Clarke
died.7th.Nov.1967.aged 86 years.
Also their dear children
Llewellyn & David.

B157 Ann Townsend
died.27th.Aug.1900 aged 63 years.
Also of Charles Townsend
died.28.Dec.1906.aged 70 years.
Also of Emma Townsend
daughter of the aforenamed
died.11th.Aug.1949.aged 71 years.

B158 Catherine wife of
David Jenkins
died.2nd.July.1900 aged 73 years.
Also of David Jenkins
died.22nd.Jan.1901.aged 74 years.
Also of David Longdon
died.14th.Oct.1901 aged 63 years.
Also of Annie Longdon

B159 Numbered in error

B160 Richard Richards
Brynhyfryd Aberavon
died.20th.Oct.1898 aged 61 years
Also of Jennet
wife of the aforenamed Richard Richards
died.10th.July.1929 aged 90 years.
Also of
William Jones Richards E.R.C.S.ENG.
their only son
died.Jan.1.1953.aged 79 years.

B161 William Wallianus
died.12th.Dec.1901.aged 55 years.

B162 Doreen daughter of
Lewis T. and Myfanwy Lewis
died.18th.April.1954.aged 28 years.
Also the above named Lewis Thomas Lewis
died.22nd.Feb.1958.aged 66 years.
Also the above named Myfanwy
died.29th.Dec.1959.aged 67 years.
Also Glyndwr their son
who died in infancy

B163 Aaron Pinn
died.4th.July.1906.aged 65 years.

B164 Small round top stone
1 foot showing
William Melfyn Owen
Mary H.Owen.

B165 Part damaged
David Hopkin
son of John & Katie Jenkins
died.22nd-----------?1926.aged 15 years.
Also the above named
Katie Jenkins
died. 8 ------------? 1938 aged 63 years.
------------------------------ ? KINS.
di-------------------------?aged 81 years.

B166 William Morgan Lewis
died.17th.Feb.1941.aged 67 years.
Also of Julia his wife
died.11th.Sept.1948.aged 77 years.
Also their two sons
Bertie and Freddie.

B167 Granite headstone with kerbs
including a standard War grave
laying flat within the kerbs

Edward Rees
died.20th.March.1952.aged 63 years.
And of Anne his wife
died.17th.June.1951.aged 62 years.
Also of Thomas & Ann Banks
the parents of Anne Rees.

War Grave.
15243. L.CPL
Thomas Banks
South Wales Borderers
2nd.November 1918 age 29.

Able Seaman KNVRB 2/630
HMS Maidstone
3rd.February 1920
God thought it best to take
such loved ones home to rest.
[ I have more info on this war grave ]

B168 Mary Anna Thomas
William John Thomas
and daughter
Evelyn Mary Jones

B169 Thomas Llewellyn
died.28th.May.1908.aged 53 years.
Also of Evan Llewellyn
died.18th.Nov.1934.aged 74 years.

B170 Eleanor Rose James
died.8th.July.1967.aged 61 years.
Also her husband William Henry James
died.27th.Feb.1972.aged 69 years.
Edward H.James
Elizabeth Ann his wife

B171 John Perry husband of Elizabeth Perry
died.20th.June.1905.aged 62 years.
Also of E.Brown
died.17th.Dec.1915.aged 2 years.
Also an infant
Also of William George son of
David & Margaret Brown
died.21st.March.1923.aged 5 years.
Also of Elizabeth Long
died.10th.June.1924.aged 62 years.

B172 Badly weathered.
The children of
Henry & Sarah Mills.
of th------------------?
born.July 25------------------------? 9. 1903.

B173 In memory of
Willie Robinson
died.5th.Jan.1903 aged 79 years.
Also of Annie wife of the above named
died.12th.Nov.1905 aged 32 years.
Also of Sidney George Robinson
died.31st.July.1940 aged 53 years.

B174 William Thomas
died.24th.Jan.1926.aged 63 years.
Also of Margaret wife of the above
died.4th.Sept.1938.aged 67 years.
Also of Gwladys Margaret their daughter
died.23rd.May.1902.aged 4 years.
And Jennie their infant daughter.

B175 Mary wife of John Edwards
died.13th.May.1902.aged 58 years.
Also of the above John Edwards
died.17th.Feb.1918.aged 75 years.
Also Sidney Edward son of the above
died.1st.Aug.1943.aged 61 years.

B176 Gertrude Louisa daughter of
Edward & Louisa David
died.Easter Sunday 30th.March.1902 aged 8.1/2 years.
Also the aforesaid Louisa David
died.3rd.May.1931.aged 65 years.
Also Marion Lucretta daughter of the aforesaid
Edward & Louisa David
died.19th.Jan.1968.aged 59 years.
Also Edward David the aforesaid
died.7th.Jan.1941.aged 77 years.

End Of Section B

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