Aberavon Borough Rent Roll 1847.

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Note.The date in brackets refer to the year that they first took over the property.

David Evans, Snr. Lower Green [1783] 6s 0d.

David Hopkins, Pantdu House [1799] 7s 6d.

David Hopkins, Craig Patdu [1800] 7s 6d.

David Williams, Snr.Ffynnon Duon [1829] 5s 6d.

David Williams Snr. Cae`r Green [1824] 7s 0d.

Dd. Evans,Jnr, Penucha`r Cwtch [1819] 3s 11d.

Dd. Edward Jones, Cae`r Green [1824] 2s 4d.

Evan Hopkins Pantdu Fields [1800] 15s 0d.

Evan Thomas Nr. Sarnfain, Baglan [1823] 10s 0d.

Edward Jones, Ty Faith Brown [1814] 16s 0d.

Evan Thomas, Cefn Coli for Corlannau [1841] 5s 3d.

Evan Evans, Middle Green [1790] 6s. 0d.

Evan Thomas, Corlannau [1840] 6s 8d.

Edward Jones, Cae`r Green [1824] 4s 8d.

Evan Williams, Cae`r Green [1824] 4s 8d.

Evan John David, Cae`r Green [1824] 4s 8d.

Evan Jones, Carpenter, Penisha`r Dre [1840] 2s 10d.

Evan Jones, Smith, Cae`r Green [1824] 4s 8d.

Howell Jones, Gelligaredig, Baglan.[1800] £1 0s 0d. Hopkin Thomas, Corlannau [1840] 6s 8d.

Isaac Thomas, Cae`r Green [1824] 4s.8d.

Isaac Thomas, Penisha`r Dre [1840] 9s 4d.

John Jones, Garden near Town Hall 4s 0d.

John Jones, Twyn y Gored Tewgoed [1829] 5s 0d.

Jenkin Thomas, Cae`r Green [1824] 4s 8d.

John Thomas, Snr. Two gardens [1824] 5s 4d.

Hopkin Evans, Cae`r Green [1824] 2s 4d.

Morgan Williams, Cae`r Green [1824] 4s 8d.

Pollard Jones, Snr. Corlannau [1829] 19s 6d.

Pollard Thomas, Penisha`r Dre [1840] 2s 10d.

Ress Hopkin, Shearer, Cae`r Green [1824] 2s 4d.

Rees Thomas, joining Velindre Road [1840] 4s 0d.

Rees Hopkin, Hammerman, Cae`r Green [1840] 4s 8d.

Richard Jones,Corlannau [1824] 8s 0d.

Samuel Jones, Ty`r Green [1824] £2 0s 0d.

Thomas Williams, Cae`r Green [1824] 4s 8d.

Thomas Thomas, Cae`r Green [1824] 4s 8d.

Thomas Thomas, Miner, Cae`r Green [1824] 2s 4d.

Thomas Evans, Cae`r Green [1824] 4s 8d.

Thomas Jones, Butcher, Middle Green [1815] 6s.0d.

Thomas Jones, Snr. near Velindre [1835] £1 5s 0d.

Thomas Pollard, at present Lewis Thomas [1820] £1 0s 0d.

Thomas Edmund, Ty Twmpath Evan [1754] 5s 0d.

Thomas Jones, Baglan, nr. Ffynnon Duon [1840] 16s 0d.

Wm. Hopkins, Snr. Cae`r Green [1824] 4s 8d.

Wm. Hopkins, Jnr. Cae`r Green [1840] 4s 8d.

Wm. Jones, Carpenter, Cae`r Green [1824] 4s 8d.

Wm. Thomas, Mofa Newydd [1816] £1 10s 0d.

Wm Thomas at Corlannau [1816] 7s 6d.

Wm. Thomas, Cae`r Green [1824] 2s 4d.

Samuel Jones, for Tai Penrhiw [1837] 5s 0d.

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