The Exchequer Subsidy Roll 1542-1543.

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Gitto Hopkins,. Thomas Dio., John ap Howell,. John ap Henry,.

Howell ap Jeuan Mawr,. Thomas David,. William Llewelyn,.

Jeuan ap Jenkin,. Jankyn Dio Lleuis,. Griffith ap William,.

Howel ap Jeuan Mawr,. Ieuan ap Rice ap Henry,. William Jenkyn Thomas,.

John Dio,. William Dio Rono, [ Gronow ]. William ap William.,

Richard ap William,. Ieuan ap Richard,. David ap Ieuan Hopkyn,.

and last David Jenkyn.

Note. Assessed payment amounts from 2d. to 6s 8d.

Howell ap Ieuan Mawr being the highest payment.